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Our Services 

Solutions Covering Every Phase

As a one-stop provider of comprehensive solutions for management information systems covering planning, construction, maintenance and operation services, we help our customer enhance their enterprise value.

To enhance our customer’s enterprise value and help them flourish far into the future, we provide the optimum information services to support their business, deploying all our technological expertise and experience for that purpose. Involved in our customer’s formulation of information strategies as a critical IT partner, we provide comprehensive support covering every phase from systems consultation to operation and maintenance for the information systems underpinning business processes and for the control systems.

Unlock New Opportunities

Netex possesses robust technical skills in a range of web based and non-web based software development. Netex incorporates a wide range of toolsets and languages throughout the development cycle. Our experts will ensure your business objectives are met by employing the appropriate technology. Listed below are the areas of expertise:


Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac, Shell Scripting


Java, JSP, PHP, .NET, VB.NET, C#, C++, HTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS, ActionScript, Flex


SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL

GUI/Human Interface 

Windows, HTML-based Web and Mobile, Adobe Flex


Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Windows CE

Web Applications 

Gone are the days when a static home page with some pictures acting as an on-line brochure would suffice. Today, a company’s “web page” really needs to do something useful and show that the company can perform to meet expectations. The growth process of the old “website” into a web application can be gradual as the application proves itself. The Netex team can help identify what stages and what growth rate are right for you! Netex will always work with your time intensive schedules to make your web application a reality.

Netex provides services geared towards secure global availability via wide area networks (WAN) and/or the Internet. The Netex team can update your current web presence and build a web application from scratch using a database design to match your budget.

Netex provides website design, database design and web application solutions for the ever-changing business world. We have a unique ability to combine web application development, great bespoke design, site structure, internet marketing, internet advertising and amazing customer service. We like to build relationships with our clientele and strongly encourage active client participation in the project.

Database Design and Integration 

Netex delivers tailored database solutions that allow you to capitalize on your current investments while enhancing your technological edge. Our database experts specialize in Oracle and SQL Server technologies, and can also adapt to work within the database standards of your enterprise.

User Interface Design 

We design and develop software and web-based interfaces that match the way people actually work. Let Netex help you speed up development, decrease the need for training and support, improve accuracy and ensure the ultimate success of your project. For the issues at hand, we will identify and implement the most appropriate type of interface: a readily deployable website, a set of high-performance .NET forms or even a straightforward Microsoft Access front end.

Security Solutions 

Netex provides complete software security to ensure that all of your vital data is safe and secure from unauthorized outside and inside parties. All secure software uses encrypted passwords. To take it one step further, Netex will also ensure that no unauthorized individuals will have access to your data.

Custom Data Flow Solutions 

Do individuals in your organization spend valuable time pulling data from one system and re-keying it into another? Do you find that vital systems within your enterprise communicate inefficiently or do not communicate at all? Streamline your data flows with custom solutions from Netex. We employ a variety of tools to move information to and from key systems in your organization, unlocking the value of your data and liberating your personnel to reach their full potential.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Give your sales force fully integrated access to customer histories, product catalogues and every other tool they need to maximize their effectiveness. Empower your customer service department to accept inquiries by phone, by email or any other channel, and then route and track issues until they achieve closure and full customer satisfaction. We allow you to provide management with full visibility to operations. Netex can implement customer relationship management solutions to make this a reality.

Backup Solutions 

Netex Backup Service is an affordable data backup solution, providing a complete local data backup that is combined with a storage subscription to replicate data offsite. This consolidated approach allows for the best of both worlds – onsite backups for quick restore times and secure, offsite storage for disaster recovery.
Netex Backup Subscription plans provide complete offsite storage at affordable monthly fees that scale to meet increasing data requirements.

  • Secure offsite backups in the cloud
  • Replicated efficient backup storage
  • Redundant and fault tolerant disk-based storage
  • Web interface multi-location management
  • Restore by Web, FTP and Windows software

e-Commerce Solutions

e-Commerce is a dominant alternative interactive business channel. Netex provides custom and boxed e-commerce solutions to help you seize this opportunity and avoid the risks. Will your system meet the needs of your customers or partners? Will the system scale? Is your data secure? Netex can implement your strategic plans with business-to-consumer and business-to-business systems that work.
E-Commerce Solutions for Large Corporations:

  • Scalable platform
  • Full customizable design
  • Can integrate with most payment gateways
  • Sell unlimited products
  • Sales reports
  • Integration with QuickBooks